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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

Talbert Fellows Program

The Talbert Fellows program is for a select group of accomplished and highly motivated undergraduate majors in Integrated Marketing Communications or Journalism.


• Financial assistance in addition to any other scholarship funding the student might receive

• First dibs on special events

• Selection is not based on GPA or test scores, but on journalism or IMC work

• One-on-one coaching from faculty

• Priority selection on special reporting trips

• Be in an elite cohort within our school


Candidates should create an online portfolio (i.e. a website) showcasing their best work samples to date and include the link in their university scholarship application. 

Candidates may use any available web platform to create their site. Popular choices include WordPress, Wix, Adobe Spark, Google Sites, etc. The important thing is that the portfolio be online and shareable via hyperlink. The design/concept of the portfolio site is entirely up to the candidate, but attractiveness & ease of navigation do factor into judging.

Whatever the site’s theme/design, work samples should be organized into separate pages/tabs using the following categories:

Portfolios should be cumulative of the candidate’s scholastic journalism/marketing career and should showcase areas where the candidate excels and/or how they have progressed over time. Samples may be written, linked or embedded on the site. Candidates are NOT required to submit samples in every category, but of course the more areas in which they  excel, the better. Judges will consider both depth and breadth of skills in their evaluations. There is no minimum or maximum number of samples, however students should endeavor to show judges only their very best work.

Each work sample should be accompanied by some contextual information, including evidence of usage/ publication, awards/contests entered/won and an explanation/reasoning for including the sample in the portfolio. This might include a description of the reporting/development process, difficulties/special circumstances encountered or lessons learned. Explanations should be 25-50 words in length and easy to read.

Questions? Contact Dr. R.J. Morgan at