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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Journalism and New Media is to lead and excel in the education of a diverse body of students in journalism and integrated marketing communications.  Grounded in truth, freedom of expression, responsibility and integrity, the faculty and staff will:

1.     Prepare students to succeed in an ever-changing, integrated and global media landscape.

2.     Encourage research and creative work to add to the body of knowledge and to serve the journalism and communication professions.

School Facts

The School of Journalism and New Media was created in 2009 as an outgrowth of the former Department of Journalism, which was in the College of Liberal Arts. All students admitted to the University of Mississippi meet the criteria for admission to the School. Undergraduate degree programs are Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication. There are emphases in Sports Media, TV & Video Storytelling, Multimedia Journalism, Visual Journalism and Political & Social Justice Reporting.

School Undergraduate Enrollment

School Undergraduate Enrollment

School Retention Rates

Expressed as percentages.

School Retention 2022


Retention rates show the percentage of students who remain at an institution or in a major after they begin coursework. They are based on incoming freshman cohorts each fall. High retention rates indicate student satisfaction with an institution or program. Percentages include both School majors.

School Graduation Rates

School Graduation 2022


Graduation rates are calculated by dividing the number of graduating students by the number of students in the freshman cohort each fall. Graduation rates reflect a commitment to ensuring that students successfully complete their degrees. Percentages include both School majors.

School Scholarships*

Total awarded by calendar year

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
$51,947 $51,882 $51,150 $75,200 $126,082 $107,348 $111,000 $119,859.75 $118,116.25 $122,985 $151,450

* Proceeds from endowed school funds. Includes both BAJ and BSIMC recipients. Does not include general or university scholarships.

Annual Reports

Learn more about the School of Journalism and New Media through our strategic plan.