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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

You should meet with your adviser every semester. We can make sure you are on track for graduation if you meet with us. We’re here to help!

No-Show Policy for Advising

In an effort to provide equal time to all students, the Student Services Division of the School of Journalism and New Media enforces a no-show policy. This policy is not designed as punishment for students; rather it serves as a reminder to be respectful to the adviser’s time and your fellow students’ time. A no-show deprives another student of the opportunity to meet with their adviser. A no-show also takes time away from the adviser.

A no-show, or missed appointment, applies if:
– A student does not attend their advising appointment.
– A student arrives more than 10 minutes late to their appointment.
– A student fails to cancel their appointment in advance.
– A student improperly cancels the appointment or notifies the 
adviser after the fact.

A no-show, or missed appointment, is noted if:
– 1st missed appointment: Email to student from adviser, the student cannot schedule an appointment for two weeks.
– 2nd missed appointment: Meeting with the Assistant Dean for Student Services
– 3rd missed appointment: Registration will occur during the “No-Show Period” (The No-Show Period will be the week after registration ends.)
– 4th missed appointment: The student will be advised during the next semester.

Transfer Credit

The UM School of Journalism and New Media requires students to receive prior approval to earn credit for all courses taken at another institution. Written permission must be granted by the dean’s office prior to enrolling in courses to be transferred. Unapproved transfer courses will not be accepted.

*UM transfer credit will not be granted for any courses taken at another institution while concurrently enrolled at UM.

Complete the form

If the course you would like to transfer is not in the transfer equivalency database in myOleMiss, please provide a copy of the course description and/or syllabus. Please note: Mississippi community college courses are listed in the transfer equivalency database.

Be patient

The form will be processed as quickly as possible from the time it is received in the Dean’s Office. Additional time for processing must be allowed if the form is turned in at the end of a semester or summer term.

Academic Calendar

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