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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

What do you miss about Oxford? School of Journalism and New Media students respond

Posted on: July 20th, 2020 by ldrucker

Samir Husni, Ph.D., director of the Magazine Innovation Center, professor and Hederman Lecturer, asked his students a simple question recently via text. What do you miss about Oxford?

What follows are the responses of more than 50 students from 16 states, the United Kingdom and Japan.

This story is part of our series called Postcards From Oxford: Wish You Were Here. We’ll be sharing iconic photographs of Oxford from our student journalists and videos from some who are living through the pandemic.

Postcards from Oxford

Postcards from Oxford

What do you miss about Oxford?

  1. “Walking around our beautiful campus, getting to bump into people you know and hug them and chat. That’s what gets me through my days, and you can’t do it from home.
  2. “What I miss most about campus is my dorm and the friends that I made in there. I also miss Raising Canes a lot, and the closest one to Huntsville is two hours away.
  3. “I miss everything about campus, honestly.”
  4. “I miss the Grove. Because I live in Oxford, I can just drive to campus any time I want, so I got to see it yesterday, but I still miss living on campus and seeing the Grove with my friends.”
  5. “I miss how pretty it is in Oxford in the spring and just being outside walking around campus.”
  6. “I miss the beautiful spring flowers and view at the Grove!”
  7. “Being around all of my friends and meeting new people.”
  8. “I miss the Union. I miss walking around and seeing people I know.”
  9. “What I miss most on campus is everything. Ole Miss is my second home and not being there is breaking my heart. Hopefully, we will all be back soon!”
  10. “I miss seeing the Grove. I imagine the trees are beginning to look great for summer.”
  11. “I miss seeing people every day.”
  12. “I miss the new life I had adjusted too in Oxford, and I am quite upset to miss the second semester living there.”
  13. “I miss walking around campus and seeing all the welcoming faces of the students and faculty at Ole Miss.”
  14. “I miss the atmosphere and being with all of my out-of-state friends.”
  15. “I miss seeing my friends on campus and meeting new people. I just moved here January, so it sucks having to leave so soon.”
  16. “I miss being with my sorority and baseball games.”
  17. “I miss a lot of things from campus, walking to class is one of my favorite things, especially in the spring time.”
  18. I miss walking through the Grove to go to my morning classes. It was always so beautiful and relaxing especially in the morning.”
  19. “I’ve also missed our beautiful campus a lot. I love just walking around and seeing friendly faces.”
  20. “What I miss about campus is being able to go to my fraternity house to eat and hangout with my friends.”
  21. “I miss everything about our beautiful campus. In my dorm, I have a tapestry on my wall that says “Mississippi is my happy place.” I also miss my friends, specifically, my roommate and I because we are best friends and sorority sisters, so it’s hard being away from her.”
  22. “I really miss seeing my friends and sorority sisters!”
  23. “I miss just about everything from campus. If I could go back, I would in a heartbeat.”
  24. “I also miss all my friends living five minutes away from me when I was on campus.”
  25. “I miss the community, friends just everything as a whole. Being a freshman was scary at first, but turned out to be the best experience, and I’m sad it got cut short.”
  26. “I miss walking to class through the Grove and studying in the J.D. Williams Library.”
  27. “I miss learning in person, I like in person lectures as opposed to online classes. I also miss getting to eat lunch at my sorority house with my friends every day.”
  28. “Walking to class in the Grove!”
  29. “I miss the general atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of fellow students doing the same as me, trying to better themselves.”
  30. “I miss walking to class. I loved to look at the campus and all the squirrels and just seeing my friends. I really think I took advantage of not walking more around campus, but I miss walking through the Grove the most.”
  31. “I miss my friends and the spirit on the campus.”
  32. “This was my first semester at Ole Miss so I miss everything the campus and Oxford had to offer.”
  33. “I miss seeing the flowers in the spring and seeing friends!”
  34. “I miss the beautiful campus. I always walked through the Grove on my way to your class, and I’m sure it is really green and pretty right now. Sitting out there in the sunshine would be nice.”
  35. “I miss the Union.”
  36. “I miss all my friends and living in a dorm with everyone. Also, I just miss campus in general.”
  37. “More than all I miss being in Oxford, and I miss living with my roommate, and not being on campus is a bummer.”
  38. “I miss walking through the Grove and the library and the Circle and the uplifting atmosphere.”
  39. “I miss being able to walk to my classes on campus. I enjoyed those walks.”
  40. “I miss being able to use flex to buy food.”
  41. “I miss everything about campus! From class, to the dorms, to baseball games, it all is so sad!”
  42. “I miss the Grove and my sorority house the most.”
  43. “I miss walking on campus every day and seeing all my friends. Campus is so beautiful in the spring, so I really miss seeing all the flowers and the trees.”
  44. “I miss walking in the Grove and looking at the beautiful landscape. I also miss my dorm and the people I was living with.”
  45. “Something I miss from campus would definitely be my privacy.”
  46. “I miss being on campus with my friends and walking around.”
  47. “I miss everything about the Ole Miss campus, but specifically I miss the walk from my class in Lamar to my class in Brevard so I could walk through the Grove and the Circle. It was the most peaceful walk.”
  48. “I miss everything from campus. I miss walking around and seeing how beautiful it is. I’m especially mad about missing it this time of the year when everything is blooming and the tulips are back. But mostly, I miss seeing my friends every day.”
  49. “I miss the Circle on campus. Walking past it every day made me really happy to see the tall trees and the flag.”
  50. “I miss seeing friends while walking from class to class on campus. That and the cute little robots!”
  51. “I miss being on campus because of friends and just my life. I love it and it’s really bewildering to me that we are in times like this. But, this too shall pass!”
  52. “The campus was always so beautiful and always gave off good, positive vibes. I also loved how I could walk to class and always count on seeing someone I know. I also miss my college friends so much. They always made me so happy and always encouraged me to do what made me happy. I was upset that second semester was cut short, but hopefully we are all able to return in the fall and get back on track.”