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Check out our lineup of upcoming classes for May

Posted on: April 1st, 2020 by ldrucker

If you’re looking for interesting online or remote courses to take this May, check out this list that covers everything from 3-D modeling and communications law, to learning the history of mass communication and magazine management. Check out the May intercession lineup.

J101 – Introduction to Mass Communication. You consume media every day, but do you know its history? Without that foundation, how can you really understand modern media? This class, which is a prerequisite for other classes, explores the history of media from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg. Yes, you’ll learn about the development of the printing press to the creation of Facebook and social media. The class is an introduction to traditional mass media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, public relations, advertising, social media) and their importance and impact on modern society. Students will be asked to write book, music, film and television reviews of some of their favorite media. If you’ve ever wanted to give reporting a try, you’ll have a chance to write a feature story. Some writing assignments may potentially be published on a features website.

How will it be taught online? Students who take J101 will receive daily lesson plans on Blackboard with work they should complete before the following day. They could sometimes be asked to give short video presentations via Zoom, or to upload a video to YouTube or another platform so that other students can view their presentations. We also plan to have weekly speakers from the fields of journalism and public relations who will be broadcast in a (optional) live Zoom meeting or via video. Students may be asked to watch a documentary on YouTube. Students will be asked to complete some writing projects that could be published on our Oxford Stories (or a similar) website: They will be asked to engage in discussions in our Blackboard Discussion Forum with their classmates. We’ll also use social media platforms, such as Twitter, to communicate on some assignments.

mass communication

mass communication

J553 – Service Journalism Management. The course, which is not offered often, is a magazine specialization and managerial course that will give students an edge when applying for magazine jobs, regardless of their area of interest. Magazine and magazine media, for years, have operated on a three-legged stool: editorial, circulation and advertising. This course is more like the seat of the stool that connects all three legs – magazine management. Learn how to connect all the dots and how a magazine media company operates. It’s a must course for anyone interested in a career in magazine or magazine media, regardless of whether you want to be a writer, designer, sales person, public relations officer, creative director or circulation manager. Space is limited so act fast.



IMC 104 – Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication. Introduces the basic disciplines of IMC: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, database marketing, internet marketing communication, and relationship marketing.

IMC 349 – 3-D Modeling. Learn basic techniques to create 3-D models in Cinema 4D. Understand the implications of texturing and lighting and the effects they have on productions. Learn the fundamentals of operating a camera in a 3-D environment

IMC 404 – Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication Research. Theory and practice of qualitative and quantitative research applied to multiple marketing and communications challenges and tasks.

IMC 492 – Public Relations Case Problems. Research, decision processes, and program design in addressing public relations problems at the management level. Application of public relations principles and techniques in programs of profit and nonprofit institutions. Role of mass media; ethical considerations.



J371 – Communications Law. Legal rights and responsibilities of journalists and other media practitioners. Attention to Constitutional law and relevant First Amendment cases; FCC and private industry regulation of the internet; evolving philosophies of intellectual property; libel and privacy issues.

J575 – Mass Media Ethics and Social Issues. Formulation and discussion of professional ethics for journalists. Analysis of social forces affecting media performance.