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Integrated marketing communication master’s student selected as Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar

Posted on: November 6th, 2019 by ldrucker

Out of thousands of students around the world, integrated marketing communication master’s student Ro Rhodes was selected as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar.

This unique honor is given to high-achieving students who represent the entrepreneurial spirit of Forbes. Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholars are invited to attend the 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit held Oct. 27-30 in Detroit, Michigan.

The Under 30 Summit features industry networking sessions, field trips in Detroit, a community service day, a music festival, and the chance to participate in sessions featuring some of the biggest names today in technology, entertainment, finance, fashion, food and philanthropy.

Highlighted speakers included Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Olivia Munn, 21 Savage, and many more.

“This program is designed to increase diversity and give entrepreneurial minded, high-achieving students low-cost access to four days of programming that will help them think more broadly about social, economic, and geo-political issues impacting our world today,” said Laura Brusca, Forbes’ vice president of corporate communications.

Brusca shared that scholars are chosen based on numerous criteria, including a written statement on how they represent the “Under 30” tenets of leadership and innovation.

Ro Rhodes answered the Graduate School’s questions in a brief interview.

Graduate School: How did it feel to be notified that you are a 30 Under 30 Scholar?

Ro Rhodes: I was really nervous because it had been some time since I had applied. Once I saw the email congratulating me, it was a huge relief. Then I immediately thought this is a huge honor and opportunity to represent not only myself but the university as well.

Graduate School: How did you hear about the Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholars program and did someone encourage you to apply?

Ro Rhodes: I am always looking for opportunities to participate in career development. So last year I actually came across the conference, but missed the deadline to apply, so I was hyper aware this year of the deadline. I wouldn’t say anyone specifically encouraged me to apply, but all of my mentors constantly encourage me to better and grow myself.

Graduate School: What experience are you most looking forward to as part of the Under 30 Summit?

Ro Rhodes: Any speakers within the sports world I am excited to hear speak, but more so Serena Williams. I think she is a huge role model for young women looking to accomplish dreams and goals.

Graduate School: What did you share about in your essay?

Ro Rhodes: I focused on my journey, where I see myself in the future, and the things I’m going to do to make a difference within my career field. I was very honest about all the help I received to get to where I am today and wanting to transform that knowledge to the young professionals who have ideas, but lack the guidance to execute their ideas.

Graduate School: Is there anything else you would like us to know about the Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholars program?

Ro Rhodes: I really am excited to learn from the great individuals, but also to share my current experiences at the University of Mississippi and how it has shaped me into a working professional I am proud of and still working on today.