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Watch the multimedia video produced by IMC master’s student Jessica Love

Posted on: December 10th, 2015 by

As a recent college graduate of Rust College I understand now, more than ever, that my success was attributed to more than just my efforts. The faculty and staff all invested a part of themselves in me; a devotion tantamount to the love for their own children. With this multimedia project, I wanted to share that love with the world. Mr. Carllos Lassiter serves as the Vice President of Student Affairs and, like many professionals at HBCUs, understands that his purpose is more about what he does than who he is. Unlike the traditional role that professionals take in this position, his job requires him to build and maintain nurturing relationships in order to better understand and serve the students. This project explores his perspective and how he uniquely commits to each and every student.

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*Love was a student in the fall 2015 IMC 504 course taught by Associate Professor Mark Dolan.