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5 Questions with Assistant Professor Robert Magee

Posted on: September 29th, 2014 by drwenger
Photo by Marlen Polito.

Photo by Marlen Polito.

Robert Magee was born in Fort Worth, Texas and is an assistant professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, who just joined the faculty in August 2014.  Before coming to Ole Miss, he taught at Virginia Tech.  You can read all about his awards and education, but here’s what students will want to know:

1. What class do you most like to teach and why?

I enjoy teaching several classes; I enjoy teaching branding relationships, as well as consumer behavior, and also I enjoy teaching research methods and hands-on projects as well.

2. Describe your favorite type of student.

My favorite kind of student is the one who is not afraid to ask questions because that’s how we learn.

3. What are you working on outside the classroom that you really enjoy?

I really enjoy writing up some experiments that I am working on in IMC. I’m working on a project that tests how website colors can affect the way people think. I’m also working on a study of how nonprofit organizations’ social media content might influence the way followers respond.

4. Describe what type of student you were.

I was a curious student because I’m always interested in a variety of things.

5. Of all the things you’ve done in your career, what makes you most proud?

Oh, actually I think I would be most proud of being a husband and a father more than anything I’ve done in my career. Those are the things that really last!

Story contributed by multimedia journalism graduate student Marlen Polito