Student Organizations

We offer opportunities for you to explore and develop skills to enhance your academic and professional experiences.

Group of student ambassadors pose for a photo.
Group of student ambassadors pose for a photo.

SOJNM Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are a student organization composed of journalism and IMC students who represent the School of Journalism and New Media through recruitment, promotion, events and engagement. They are the school’s frontline for engagement and service. Ambassadors are dedicated to building a better, stronger student body, and it is held as a position of honor within our school.

A group of students with Bradford Cobb.
Two students pose for a photo in front of a backdrop with the PRSSA logo.

The Public Relations Student Society of America

PRSSA is a student-led organization for passionate students interested in public relations, marketing, or communication-related fields of study. Our organization offers a plethora of networking and professional development opportunities. We also strive to build relationships with public relations practitioners actively working in the field. Any University of Mississippi student can join and attend meetings.

Ad club students take a selfie.
Student looks down at his notes as he gives a presentation.

Ad Club

The Ad Club is a part of the American Advertising Federation. This club is an opportunity to start a career in advertising while building connections and staying up to date on the ever-changing advertising world. 

Two students model for the magazine.
Student poses for a photo in front of a Square Magazine sign.

Square Magazine

Square Magazine is the first student-run fashion magazine at The University of Mississippi. This publication has created an opportunity where students can get hands-on experience working in editorial, digital design, writing, and many other applications that go into a magazine. We’re a talented group of creative students at Ole Miss who are passionate about journalism, fashion, design, and everything in between.