Scholarships and Financial Aid

When applying to Ole Miss, undergraduate students should complete the Special Programs and Scholarship Applications to access campus-wide scholarship opportunities. This form is required for consideration for scholarships specifically available to students enrolled in the School of Journalism and New Media.

Visit the Office of Financial Aid website to learn more about the applications and timeline for applying for financial aid.


SOJNM Scholarships

Undergraduate students studying journalism and integrated marketing communications may be eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Otto Family Scholarship
  • Pamela E. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship (students from the state of Mississippi with a passion for social justice)
  • Donna H. Glenn Council Scholarship (for students selected for the Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy scholarship program)
  • James A. Autry Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Cashman Family Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Charles Dunagin Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Mark Cox Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Ron & Gayla Farrar Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Charles B. Gordon Scholarship
  • Michael T. Reeves / Gridiron Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Kerry W. Hamilton Scholarship (journalism majors from Humphreys, Issaquena, Leflore, Sharkey, Sunflower, or Tallahatchie counties in Mississippi)
  • Hearst Minority Scholarship
  • James Love, Jr. Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Bill Minor Scholarship
  • Paul Pittman Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • James Skewes Scholarship
  • The South Reporter Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Allin Krebs Scholarship
  • George & Anna Mclean Scholarship (journalism or IMC majors from Lee County or surrounding areas in Mississippi)
  • E. O. Roden Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Dub Shoemaker Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Women In Communications Scholarship (female student pursuing an education in an area of mass communications such as journalism, broadcasting, public relations, or advertising)
  • Jere Hoar Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Gannett Minority Scholarship
  • Sarah Pearson Peugh Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Stuart Bullion Scholarship (journalism majors who are also members of the Barksdale Honors College)
  • Larry & Tracy Weeden Scholarship (journalism majors, first preference will be given to students who are graduates of a high school in Tunica County in Mississippi)
  • Daniel M. Phillips Memorial Scholarship (graduates of Oxford High School or Lafayette High School)
  • S. Gale Denley Scholarship (journalism majors who work in student media)
  • Thomas Family Scholarship (first preference to students from Chicago or Milwaukee)
  • Celia & John O. Emmerich, Jr. Scholarship (journalism majors)
  • Curtis C. Wilkie Scholarship
  • Beth Fitts Scholarship
  • Joe Williams Scholarship
  • Tommy Ramey Scholarship (IMC majors)
  • Jeanni Atkins Scholarship (journalism or IMC majors who are also members of the Barksdale Honors College) 
  • James R. Ramsey Scholarship (students from Madison, Mississippi)
  • Lacie Gorder Scholarship (IMC majors with an emphasis in fashion promotion, first preference to Texas or Natchez, Mississippi residents)

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Scholarships make students’ dreams a reality. They provide access to a superlative education regardless of the financial means of the student. Scholarships allow countless young people to overcome tremendous obstacles and achieve great personal and professional goals.