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No-Show Policy for Advising

To provide equal time to all students, the Student Services Division of the School of Journalism and New Media enforces a no-show policy. This policy is not designed as punishment for students; rather it serves as a reminder to be respectful to the adviser’s time and your fellow students’ time. A no-show deprives another student of the opportunity to meet with their adviser. A no-show also takes time away from the adviser.
  • A student does not attend their advising appointment.

  • A student arrives more than 10 minutes late to their appointment.

  • A student fails to cancel their appointment in advance.

  • A student improperly cancels the appointment or notifies the adviser after the fact.
  • 1st missed appointment: Email to student from adviser, the student cannot schedule an appointment for two weeks.
  • 2nd missed appointment: Meeting with the Assistant Dean for Student Services
  • 3rd missed appointment: Registration will occur during the “No-Show Period” (The No-Show Period will be the week after registration ends.)
  • 4th missed appointment: The student will be advised during the next semester.

Meet the Advising Team

Kareem Russell

Kareem Russell

  • Assistant Dean for Student Services
James Dowd

James Dowd

  • Academic Counselor
Casandra Jenkins

Casandra Jenkins

  • Academic Counselor

Important Links & Forms

Here are some of our most commonly used forms for you to quickly access.

Already a student at Ole Miss but want to change your major to journalism or integrated marketing communications? Please complete this form so that we may better serve you.  

Request a Major Change

Submit at least two semesters before the term in which you intend to graduate. An email with a link to the Intent to Graduate Form will be sent, and a Dean’s hold will be placed on your account. You’ll get an email when you’ve reached enough hours to apply and a dean’s hold will be put on your account until you fill it out.

Fill out the Form

Need a reminder of what classes you've taken and what you have left? Complete a degree audit to see your progress towards fulfillment of degree requirements.

Degree Audit Instructions

Need to be added to a course? This form is for journalism and IMC courses only. This is only required if you seek permission to add a class to your schedule after each semester's 10th day of classes.

Permission to Add Form

Taking a class at another institution? You may be eligible for class credit at Ole Miss. The School of Journalism and New Media requires students to receive prior approval to earn credit for all courses taken at another institution. Written permission must be granted by the dean’s office before enrolling in courses to be transferred. Unapproved transfer courses will not be accepted.

Transfer Course Form

Complete the form below if you are appealing to repeat a course. Students should only complete this form if this is their third time repeating a course. Once the form is submitted to the committee, you will be contacted regarding their decision.

Course Appeal Form

Need to take two classes simultaneously that are prerequisites for each other? Submit this form if you seek approval to take pre-requisite and core courses simultaneously in the SOJNM. 

Simultaneous Course Approval Form

According to the UM policy, students are limited to enrolling in certain credit hours per session. Students who wish to exceed the maximum number of credit hours in a session must request that any course going over the limit be added by the Office of the Dean. Permission will only be given if there is a compelling reason, and the student must have a cumulative GPA four-tenths of a point above 2.0 for each extra hour desired.

Course Overload Form

Please complete this form if you want to withdraw from a course after the official deadline. You will need permission from the Assistant Dean of Student Services in the SOJNM.

Course Withdrawal Form

Interested in getting credit for your internship? Check out the guidelines and fill out this form to see if you are eligible.

Intership Guidelines & Form