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REEL SOUTH seeks documentary film entries

Posted on: March 19th, 2017 by ldrucker

Are you a documentary filmmaker who wants to share your work with others?

The documentary anthology series REEL SOUTH is now seeking entries for Season 3 of the series, including short films and broadcast length pieces.

“This past season, we featured the Mississippi-based documentary Shake ’em On Down,” said Sara Gusting, engagement coordinator for the documentary anthology series REEL SOUTH. “We would love to continue to incorporate Mississippi stories in our online series and Season 3. Now more than ever, we are excited to have public media highlight the stories of the American South.”

REEL SOUTH highlights the best non-fiction storytelling from the American South. Distributed to public television stations nationally, the series brings diverse Southern voices, topics, and points of view to millions of viewers. The deadline is April 1st, 2017.

REEL SOUTH is on the hunt for inspiring short documentaries about the American South for inclusion in the 2017 PBS Online Film Festival. The PBS Online Film Festival is a showcase for powerful and engaging stories from filmmakers across the country. The festival has become a popular annual online event, attracting more than six million video views over the past five years, as well as nominations in the Webby Awards.

Accepted running times are between three and 15 minutes, and films should have been completed in the past three years. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, April 1st.

REEL SOUTH is a co-production of PBS’ UNC-TV, SC-ETV and the Southern Documentary Fund.

To apply, visit:

To submit your film, and for additional information, visit

  • Story by LaReeca Rucker, adjunct journalism instructor