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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

Real World, Right Now

See how the SoJNM takes learning beyond the classroom and out into the world. Whether on another continent or in a small town in Mississippi, you will gain valuable experiences and the tools you need to write your legacy.

Ole Miss in Africa

The University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media has an ongoing mission in Africa. The continent has been the destination for many depth reporting trips, and UM professors are working to create a policy that will continue peacebuilding efforts there.

They have traveled throughout, written stories and taken photographs of Ethiopia. One of our campaign classes is working with Ethiopian Airlines to increase its presence in the United States, and the company will be offering its employees the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from our school.

"During one interview, I asked a deacon if he could sing his favorite religious song from his childhood teachings. He lit up. he sang about the baptism of Jesus in Amharic. It may be my favorite moment in my reporting career thus far."

-Jared Boyd, JNM Graduate


IMC students traveled to Atlanta to see integrated marketing communications in action as part of a Study USA class designed to let students experience in the corporate environment what they were learning in a classroom.

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Journalism students traveled within the state to interview residents about how the recent floods have affected their lives.

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Instead of studying brand and relationship strategies, internet and mobile media, and multicultural marketing on campus in Oxford, this select group of Ole Miss IMC students traveled to Dublin to take these classes on the campus of historic Trinity College.

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"Watching our students expand their storytelling skills as they explored other cultures (was most memorable for me). Several sources complimented our students on their interviewing skills, saying they were as good or better than national media who had interviewed them.”

-Pat Thompson, JNM Faculty

Ole Miss in Puerto Rico

University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media students and faculty traveled to Puerto Rico in early January 2019 for a multimedia reporting project. The goal: Interview residents still trying to recover after Hurricane Maria, 15 months after the powerful storm made landfall. They spent five days traveling to towns and rural areas.

When Hurricane Michael blasted through the Florida Panhandle, it was personal for hundreds of Ole Miss students and Oxford residents. As journalists, students Abbie McIntosh, Madison Scarpino and Victoria Hosey didn’t hesitate for a second when they were asked to cover the aftermath and share some of those stories.

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Students enrolled in Senior Lecturer Robin Street’s public relations classes traveled to Memphis to meet with public relations professionals, including several JNM alumni, at FedEx and St. Jude. An added bonus at FedEx was a visit from Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman PR. He was in town to meet with JMM graduate Jenny Robertson, who is FedEx vice president for corporate communications.

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The school’s latest annual multimedia storytelling workshop, Lens Collective, explored the idea of Mississippi land.

In October 2019, The Land Through Our Lens conference documented stories about Mississippi land, specifically in Oxford, Holly Springs, the nearby community of Taylor and surrounding areas, and various Delta towns.

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Ole Miss in Sri Lanka

In Fall 2017, students and faculty from the School of Journalism and New Media were given the opportunity to discover and report on the political and economic issues within Sri Lanka. They were able to witness the beauty of one of the world's best-kept secrets nestled in the crook of southern Asia. They also witnessed the hardships of its people and the struggle of being such a politically divided country.

"Studying abroad is like a glimpse into a different reality. As a journalism student, study abroad helped build my communication skills and connected me with people in new ways.."

-Ariel Cobbert, Student Photographer