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The University of Mississippi

Welcome to Ole Miss and the School of Journalism and New Media

We are so excited to have you join our growing school, and we are very anxious to meet you in the Fall.
The information below will help you prepare for your first semester!

Let's Talk About Advising

This summer, and for the first time ever, we are going to be advising virtually through Zoom. Many of you are probably already familiar with this form of communication. The first meeting will be a group meeting with your advisor. The second meeting will be an individual course registration/ advising appointment.

Be sure to check your email for links to these meetings!

Below is a list of scheduled Advising Meetings. Please refer to your email from for the meeting ID and password.

Our Programs

A degree in Journalism prepares you for fact-based storytelling that can change lives for the better. BAJ students complete a 24-hour core plus a 12-hour emphasis (writing or video focus). You can minor in any field of choice.

Integrated Marketing Communications grads build brands & audience loyalty and develop innovative forms of communication. BSIMC students complete a 33-hour core. You're required to minor in General Business.

Whether you choose Journalism or IMC, you can specialize in:

  • Public relations
  • Magazine publishing
  • Media management
  • Sports Promotion and Communication
  • Health Communications
  • Visual Design
  • Social Media
  • New:¬† Fashion Promotion
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You'll Be Seeing These People Often

Deb Wenger

Interim Dean and Journalism Professor

Scott Fiene

Assistant Dean for Curriculum & Assessment and Associate Professor of IMC

Pat Thompson

Assistant Dean for
Student Media and Assistant Professor of Journalism

Jennifer Simmons

Assistant Dean for Student Services

Rivers Myres

Academic Counselor

Sarah Griffith

Operations Manager