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Research, Creative Work, Faculty Achievements and Activities


IMC professor Graham Bodie co-authored a book, “The Handbook of Listening,” with D.L. Worthington. Published by Wiley, it is the first cross-disciplinary academic reference on the subject.

Journalism Assistant Professor Michael Fagans authored a book, “iPhone Photography for Everybody: Artistic Techniques,” published in June by Amherst Media.

Scholarly Reviewing

Interim Dean Deb Wenger has been named Editor-in-Chief for Electronic News, the journal for the Electronic News Division of the Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has also served as a manuscript reviewer for Journalism Studies.

Professional Productions

Journalism Professor Kathleen Wickham is producer and publicity coordinator for Theatre Oxford’s August production of “Heartbreak Henry,” written and directed by David Sheffield. The play is based on Sheffield’s experience managing the old Henry Hotel as an UM undergrad. Sheffield went on to a distinguished career as lead comedy writer for “Saturday Night Live” and chief scriptwriter for both “Coming to America” movies. But he never forgot his stint at the Henry Hotel on East Jackson. The production is co- sponsored by the School of Journalism and New Media. As part of this collaboration, a summer class for journalism students to research and write publicity material is being offered (Jour 580).

IMC Instructional Assistant Professor Chris Sparks worked with students to develop a campaign for Tinder, which was submitted to the National Student Advertising Competition.

IMC professor Graham Bodie presented “Listening with Empathy” webinars in July, for the International Listening Association in conjunction with International Day of Listening. You can view them here.

Bodie also recently provided interviews for several podcasts:

“Cultivating the #ListenFirst Movement with Communications Scholar Graham Bodie” and “Listening Alchemy” podcast with Raquel Ark, November 2020. Link

“The Dynamics of Successful Speaker-Listener Exchanges with Graham Bodie,” HCI Webinar with Jonathan Westover in September. Link.

“Listen First Project with Graham Bodie,” The Water Cooler Hangout with Bob Poole in August. Link 

“The Hidden Power of Listening with Dr. Graham Bodie,” Reach Teach Talk Podcast (Nat Damon) in June. Link.

“Listen First: A Conversation with Dr. Graham Bodie,” Louisiana NOW Podcast (Todd Rossengel) in May. Link.

“Ears Open, Sound Off, More in Common Podcast” (Rodney Campbell, Keith Richardson) in May. Link.

Journalism Associate Professor Kristie Swain published a podcast in July about fair pay issues at UM featuring student interviews with UM Associate Director of Institutional Effectiveness Kate Kellum and Isom Center Director Jaime Harker. Link.

Dictionary Entries

Instructor Ellen Meacham authored a Mississippi Encyclopedia Online article on Curtis Wilkie. She also wrote an entry about Clarke Reed, father of the modern Republican Party in Mississippi, in press.

Interim Dean Deb Wenger wrote an entry for the in-press “Encyclopedia of Journalism” about Mobile Journalism, published by Sage.

Conference Articles

IMC professor Graham Bodie co-authored a virtual conference presentation for the National Communication Association annual convention that won a Top 4 Paper award in the NCA Interpersonal Communication. The paper, co-written by S.M. Jones, M. Bringberg, N. Ram and D. Solomon, was titled “Discovering the fabric of supportive conversations: A typology of speaking turns and their contingencies.”

Journal Articles

IMC professor Graham Bodie is first author on an in-press article in the “Journal of Language and Social Psychology” with co-authors S.M. Jones, M. Bringberg, N. Ram and D. Solomon. It is titled “Discovering the fabric of supportive conversations: A typology of speaking turns and their contingencies.”

IMC Assistant Professor Jason Cain is sole author on an article in “Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies” titled “I’m the one: Social media, social identity, and elections.”

Journalism Assistant Professor Iveta Imre and Interim Dean Deb Wenger co-authored an article for “Electronic News” titled “Where newsroom leaders see technology facilitating innovation in local TV news.”

Journalism Assistant Professor Kristie Swain co-authored an article with McNair Scholar Cameron Wilson titled “Understanding the spread of misinformation on COVID-19 on social media” for the 2020 “McNair Scholars Research Journal.”

Swain also co-authored an article with McNair Scholar Jaylin Smith titled “Faking it: COVID-19 prevention and treatment misinformation virality on Facebook” for the same journal and co-authored these McNair Scholars’ virtual presentations at the 3rd Annual Mississippi McNair Scholars Research Symposium in June.

Works in Progress

Instructor Ellen Meacham is working on a book about F.A.P. Barnard, the chancellor of the University of Mississippi in the years just prior to the Civil War who later became the chancellor of Columbia University and is the namesake for Barnard College.

The book will look at his efforts to make the university the premiere science institution in the nation and the statewide furor and rancor directed at him when he sent a well-connected student away from the university because of a brutal attack on an enslaved woman.

Meacham is also working on proposals for grants to fund her research about Barnard. She is also collecting oral histories and other information for articles about Clarke Reed of Greenville, Mississippi, father of the modern Republican Party in the state.

Professor Kristie Swain is developing journal articles about COVID-19 health misinformation on social media – and media gatekeeping about carbon capture research discoveries, as well as a book proposal exploring media attenuation of environmental risk. Click to read an article about her research work.

Journalism Assistant Professor Michael Fagans authored a book, “iPhone Photography for Everybody: Artistic Techniques“, published in June by Amherst Media.

Grant Activities

IMC professor Graham Bodie received a $3,000 Page/Johnson Legacy Scholar Grant from The Arthur W. Page Center. In collaboration with D. Sissan and D.L. Worthington, they are exploring stakeholders’ conceptualization of organizational listening.

Bodie is also working on two ongoing federal grants from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command and T2S Solutions, LLC.

Journalism Assistant Professor Michael Fagans is applying for an Achieving Equity Investment Grant from the UM Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Journalism Associate Professor Kristie Swain and Writing and Rhetoric Instructor Angela Green completed a Community Wellbeing Flagship Constellation grant project titled “Learning about HIV Risk and Resilience among African-American Adolescents through Storytelling.” You can read more about it here.

Kristie Swain and Journalism Assistant Professor Naeemul Hassan from University of Maryland completed a Big Data Flagship Constellation grant project titled “CHORD: Combating Health Oriented Disinformation.” You can read more about it here.

Swain also served as co-Investigator with principal investigator Wei-Yin Chen from the UM Chemical Engineering Department on a research center proposal submitted to USDA and IHL titled “National Center for Sustainable Food/Energy/Water Nexus.”

Interim Dean Deb Wenger is working with former graduate student Sima Bhowmik on a submission for the AEJMC 2021 Collaborative Scholar Grant competition. Their study explores the accelerated push by news media companies to increase diversity and inclusion within newsrooms by hiring more BIPOC journalists.

Book Chapters

IMC professor Graham Bodie is first author on an in-press book chapter with P. Godwin, “On the limits of listening for bridging divides and cross-cultural understanding” in “Communication across differences: An anthology of intercultural communicative practices in the 21st Century.”

IMC professor Graham Bodie is first author on an online book chapter in “The Oxford Handbook of the Physiology of Interpersonal Communication,” “The psychobiology of listening: Why listening is more than meets the ear.” He co-authored the chapter with A.D. Wolvin for Oxford University Press. Read more here.

Journalism Associate Professor Kristie Swain wrote an in-press book chapter, “Mass Media Roles in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” in “Springer’s Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.”

Journalism Associate Professor Kristie Swain’s in-press book chapter, “Role of media in linking knowledge, awareness and action about food security and sustainability,” will appear in the Elsevier book, “Food Security and Sustainability.”

Events and Opportunities for Scholarly Engagement

IDRUM: Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) at UM – A new ORSP initiative provides opportunities for our school to support interdisciplinary research through Discovery Circles, Exploration Groups, and Strike Teams. It will facilitate interdisciplinary discovery and community building, provide responses to emerging opportunities and evolving scholarly interests, and provide concierge proposal development for interdisciplinary projects about any theme or topic. To learn more, view this recording or slides posted here. Or email

AEJMC 2021 national conference will be virtual, Aug. 4-7. This year registration fees are reduced to $69 for regular members and $39 for student members. Registration will be available here.


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