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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

Thank you.

The School of Journalism and New Media recognizes and appreciates all of our donors. We could not be where we are without your continued support.

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in Donations for fiscal years 2020 & 2021

We need you in 2022!



Dub Shoemaker



Donna and Mike Glenn

Glenn Family Foundation  

Quad/Graphics, Inc.  

Hearst Service Center  

Meredith Corporation 

Cynthia and Jim Abbott

Myna and John Sowell



Issuu Inc.  

Andrea and Charles Overby

William Campbell

LSC Communications 

Bonnier Corporation 

Curtis  Chin



Betty and Stanley Mileski

Debra and Terry Mattingly

Susan and Will  Norton

Advantage Circulation Consulting LLC  

Charities Aid Foundation of America  

Daniel Strouhal

Bauer Media Group USA, LLC  

William Randolph Hearst Fndn.  



Curtis Wilkie

William Baird

The Nautilus Publishing Company  

Debbie and Neil Bell

Debbie  Hall

Mary and Patrick Harkins

Laurie Heavey

Sally and Jim Autry

Mary and Mann Deynoodt

Deb and Mitchell Wenger

Janet Dantone

Kathy Starmann Capital Assets Fund  

Douglas Anderson

Ben and Walter Hussman

Virginia and William Hickey

Jeffrey  Schwarz

Victor Han

Schwab Charitable Fund  

Don Vaughan

Dick Starmann

Tracy and Larry Weeden

William Heyman

The Hussman Foundation  

Cissy and Fred  Anklam



Lou and Norman Seawright

Rose and Richard Flenorl

Erica Johnson

Erica and Shawn Avent

Tonya  Slater

Amanda Welch

Jane and Mike  Tonos

Marcia and Dan Goodgame

Carrie Liaskos

Maralyn Bullion

Mykki Newton

Maralyn B. Bullion Revocable Trust 

Mara Dru Hunter Redden Living Trust

Senior Partner


Nancy and Charlie Mitchell

Steven  Crider

Richard Ostling

Khalida  Williams

Adoree Wells

Tom Bearden

Sarah Jenne

Kaye Bryant

Donna  Gibson

Yolonda Anderson

Patricia Thompson

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 

Beth and Taylor Kitchings

Avenir Global 

Nathan  Showalter

Hubert  Staley

Suzanne and Joe Atkins

Stephen Barrett

Nancy and J.C.  Dupont

Kirk Stewart

Craig Rothenberg

Gary Kolasa



Sonny  Rhodes

Zenebe Beyene

Kathleen Mortell

Beth Fitts

Joseph  Berger

Edward Webb

Debra and Eric Fagans

Michael Fagans

Jack Lawton

Scott Fiene

Alexa and Kenton Watt

Caitlin Adams

Kellie Norton

Lauren Loyless

Uju Onyekwere

LaPorshia Newell

Teneeshia Jones-Boyd

AT&T Corp. Employee Giving Programs c/o YourCause, LLC  

Barbara and Jeffrey Lawyer

Mary and Randy Haase

Gerhard  Simmel

Derek Roberts

Cheryl  Gray-Baddorf

Stephanie and Chris Scott

Sandra and Butch Lambert

R.J. Morgan

Deb and Jerry  Davis

Jessica and James Carrier

Don Cogman

Lina Ko

Shellie  Winkler

Mark Knutsen

Raymond Bly

Laura Gongos

Lois Pasternak

Jerome Ceppos

Alan Hunt

Nola Gibson

Melody Patterson

Robin and Terry Ewert

Hester  Overstreet-Miller

Maddy  Friedman

Donna  Thompson

Karen  Swenson

Ken Weightman

Kathleen  Wickham

Deanna and Chris  Kieffer

Gail and Robert  Patterson

Timothy  Kriehn

Patrick  Cannon

Celia  Berk

Amy  Federman

Michael  Rothaar

Ashley  Futrell

William  Marsh

John  Fossum

Steven  Demlow

Roger  Bennett

Brian  Wiuff

Mary and Bill  Voorhees

Steve  Frankel

Kimberly  Spragg

Ralph  Webb

Lani  Redington

Bill  Powers

Shelley  Spector

Evangeline  Ivy

Charles  Powell



Liz  Corbus

Carole  Spinak

Maggie  Durnien

Susan  Davis

David  Zinn

Thomas  Grier

IBM Employee Services Center  

Joseph  Carson

Tom  Bowers

Kenneth  Nelson

Bianca  Abney

Ryan  McFatridge

Mitchell  Weidner

Jane  Barr

John  Siston

David  Archibald

Jodie and Bo  Marsalis

Kenneth  Bockman

Pam and Bradley  Clasgens

Margaret and Robert  Allen

Kimberly and Lee  Ferguson

Lauren  Zimmerman

Mary-Katherine  Horton

Misty and William  Mote

Matthew  Casserly

Thomas  Gjelten

Craig  Gundersen

Candace and Ricky  Mize

Thomas  Reid

Roy  Rivenburg

Bebo  Howell

Valerie  Pokorny

Louisa and Jerry  Johnson

Warner Media 

Kasimu  Harris

Hannah  Pickett

Angela and Ace  Atkins

K.P. Pittman

Grafton  Pritchartt

Rachel  Bryars

Matthew  Porchivina

Maura and Alex  Langhart

Emily  Joyce

Barbara  Roach

Anne  Smyth

Michael  Harrison

Aidan  Johnston

Mark  Mathias

David  Froehlich

Roland  Hirsch

Elaine  Macias

David  Mason

Arthur  Kieran

Otto  Leinhauser

Herbert  Ely

Dennis  Fitzpatrick

Justin  Mccreedy

Trip  Goris

Ellen  Spies

Jess  Lopez

Amber  Bryant-Singletary

Idil  Cakim and William  Fisher

Lisa  Ridolfi

David  Waite

Ken  Lopez-Maddox

Gift Acceptance Guidelines

The School of Journalism and New Media at the University of Mississippi leadership, faculty, and staff are extremely grateful for alumni and friends who value the high quality of student preparation and educational opportunities that we strive to provide for all those enrolled in our programs. We look forward to engaging even more donors who share our vision for what our School is and can be.

When seeking to secure or to accept gifts, the School will consider the following factors:

Mission—how the acceptance of the gift aligns with the mission of the School.

Compatibility—how the intent of the donor matches the School’s use of the gift.

Public Relationships – how acceptance of the gift will enhance the reputation of the School.

Form of Gift—how the gift is offered in a form that the School can use without incurring substantial expense or challenge.

Impact on Other Gifts—how the acceptance of the gift will encourage future gifts.
The School’s leadership, faculty, and staff fully realize and appreciate that private support helps ensure greater opportunities and a higher level of excellence for our students, faculty, and staff