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Meek School set to welcome magazine industry leaders to the ACT 7 Experience April 25-27

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by ldrucker

Speakers during the ACT 6 Experience last year.

If you are a magazine leader who is still publishing like you did 10 years ago, you should rethink your business strategy.

“I tell people if you are still publishing your magazine as if it is still 2007, there is something wrong with the picture,” said Samir Husni, Ph.D. “We have to reinvent our content. We don’t have a problem with magazines or newspapers as an income paper entity. We have a problem with what we are putting in those entities and the business model.”

That is one of the issues the ACT 7 Experience will address this year. The 2017 theme is Magazines Matter, Print Matters.

Husni, who is known internationally as “Mr. Magazine™,” is a professor with the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media and director of the Magazine Innovation Center

The MIC was founded in 2009 at UM. It is an international collaboration linking the best thinkers in publishing, marketing, printing, advertising and distribution. The MIC works to ensure a thriving future for magazines, magazine media and the print industry. It also introduces future industry leaders (students) to  current industry leaders (magazine and magazine media makers).

Future and current industry leaders will meet April 25-27 during the ACT 7 Experience at UM. ACT stands for amplify, clarify and testify about the future of print in a digital age. The number of attendees is limited to 100 in addition to speakers and students who are part of the Experience. One student will individually shadow each speaker and sponsor during the entire event.

The ACT 7 Experience will feature a variety of speakers who will discuss three major themes: magazine launches, magazine reach and power, and the future of magazine distribution.

Panelists and speakers will share stories of new magazine launches. Information will be provided for those who want to start a magazine, and organizers will offer a look at magazine launches throughout history.

The Experience will also focus on ways to ensure that magazine leaders continue to make money in print. The third theme will imagine magazine distribution and newsstands in 2020. Industry leaders will discuss the old ways, new ways, what is working, what is not and offer solutions.


“Some magazines are still making a lot of money,” Husni said, “and they are finding new ways to make money. We know the business model is broken. We know the distribution model is broken. So what can we do?”

Despite the fact that many magazine leaders have been forced to rethink business strategies, Hunsi said print is not dead.

“Some of them are still publishing as if it’s 2007,” he said. “And that’s why we hear that their sales are going down, and that they are dying. But you know how many television programs have come and gone? Did you ever hear anybody saying ‘TV is dead.’ If a magazine dies, no matter how big the magazine is, it doesn’t necessarily mean the industry is dead or there is something wrong with the platform.”

The first ACT Experience was held in 2010 just after the MIC’s 2009 creation. Husni, who is responsible for organizing the entire event with assistant Angela Rogalski, said the first ACT Experience was a great success and continues to be.

“We have more magazine media and industry leaders in one place paying their own way than any conference I know of,” he said. “That’s why we don’t call it a conference. We call it an Experience because of the engagement with current industry leaders and future industry leaders. What differentiates this conference from all other conferences and experiences is to integrate the two groups of industry leaders – the students and the ones who are actually working.

“I’ve heard from more than one CEO telling me the reason they enjoy this conference more than anything is that when they see these future industry leaders, they let down their guard, and they start telling people things that they don’t talk about when they go to other industry conventions.”’

Throughout the year, Husni works to secure funds for the ACT event and the MIC. When magazine executives come to Oxford, Husni said they experience magazines, Mississippi and music.

“We go to the Delta for half a day, and the students have an opportunity of a lifetime sitting next to a CEO on a charter bus for an entire half a day,” he said. “I tell the students if you can’t leave an impression on a magazine publisher, editor, advertising director, or CEO of a marketing group in two and a half days, you should quit the industry. You don’t belong.”

Husni said the ACT Experience usually results in many jobs and internship opportunities for students. It’s also about finding solutions for magazine industry issues. One of those is a shift from an advertising-driven business model, where 90 percent of the revenue comes from advertisers, to a circulation-driven business model that depends on paid subscribers.

“The majority of the new magazines that are coming to the marketplace are charging a very high cover price for them to get money from their customers rather than the advertisers,” Husni said. “We see now that the norm in new magazines, the average cover price, is almost $10. As you know, for $10, you can get a whole year from some of the established magazines.”

In the process of reinventing the business model, Husni said he’s seeing much creativity among industry leaders. He’s also noticed a trend in recent years with the popularity of food, crafts and hobby magazines.

“There has been a steady increase in the number of titles devoted to food,” he said. “Food has become the sex of the 21st century. There are so many titles out there.”

Husni said Brian Hart Hoffman, of Hoffman Media, will talk about his new magazine Bake from Scratch. Husni also recently interviewed the editor and chief of Cooking Light magazine that has been published for 30 years.

“I tell all of my clients ‘audience first,’” he said. “Do not fall in love with the platform. Fall in love with the audience. We are all about the audience. The minute we forget about our audience, the minute it’s our downfall …

“The first assignment I give students in any of my classes is to humanize your magazine. If you tell me you are in the content business, that’s not enough because anybody who can put out 140 characters can be in the content business. We have to go beyond content and become experience-makers. The journalist of the future must be an experience-maker.”

Husni said journalists must give their audiences a reason to read a publication.

“How are you going to engage me?” he said. “A lot of our magazines have no content. Are you kidding me? You are asking me to pay $12, and you don’t give me anything to chew on. You want to fill me up with the appetizers and desserts.”

The ACT 7 Experience will begin Tuesday evening, April 25, with a gala opening dinner in the Ole Miss Ballroom.

On Wednesday, three CEOs will talk about adding value to your brand before you sell it, and they will discuss making more money for magazines. In the afternoon, the group will travel to the Delta and visit sites including the B.B. King Museum, Dockery Farms Historic District, the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, and they’ll dine at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale.

Thursday is devoted to distribution. Speakers will talk about new ways to put magazines in the hands of the audience. Many people who started new magazines last year will speak Thursday.

“Whether you are a CEO, whether you are a publisher or an editor, the ACT Experience is not an appetizer or a dessert,” Husni said. “The ACT Experience is the whole meal.”

Husni said his ultimate goal is to help students secure an internship or a job. “I don’t care what they take away, as long as they actually create a relationship that will lead them to a job,” he said. “… I tell the students, this is their golden opportunity. This is their golden ticket in the Wonka’s chocolate bar.

“Even if you are working for Hearst, chance are you are not going to be able to speak with the president. Chances are you’d never interact with that person, yet you have access to that person for two and half days. If you don’t use this and benefit from it, you don’t belong in our business.”

Husni offers the following tips to students who plan to attend the ACT 7 Experience:

  1. Research the speakers and industry leaders.
  2. Be yourself. Be honest with them. Tell them you are seeking advice. Tell them you are a future industry leader in the making. Ask them for tips.
  3. Make the other person feel more important than you, and make sure you are appreciative that they are offering their time.

Space is limited to 100 people. All the lectures are free for students on a first come, first serve basis. Meals and other activities are not. You must be a registered or invited guest.

“I’ve never looked at my job as a job,” said Husni. “I’ve never looked at my students as students. They are journalists. I don’t care if you are in journalism or IMC, you have to learn everything from a journalism point of view. And the first thing you learn as a journalist is audience first. Falling in love with the audience is what we need to do.”

To see the full schedule of the ACT 7 Experience, visit 

  • Story by LaReeca Rucker, adjunct journalism instructor

U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms Internship

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by jheo1

The U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms is looking for qualified interns to work in departments that serve the Senate Community. The Sergeant at Arms provides services such as:

  • Photo Studio
  • Recording Studio
  • Financial Management
  • Media Galleries
  • Technology Development
  • Administrative Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Fleet& Transportation
  • Post Office

We are currently accepting applications from college students seeking full-time, 40 hours per week, summer internships.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Completed at least one year of college and be enrolled for the coming school year.
  • Be able to work a minimum of 10 weeks, starting as early as Monday, May 15, 2017, and can last up to Friday, September 1, 2017.

**Compensation:$13.00 per hour $ transit assistance**

To be considered for an SAA Internship, please send a SAA Application, resume and cover letter to

SAA Applications can be found here.

**Deadline for applications: Friday, February 24, 2017**

Internship, Tommy Morgan Inc. Realtors

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017 by jheo1

Internship with local Real Estate Agent.

Main jobs:

1. Assist with website

a. Providing copy

b. Updating pages

2. Social Media management

a. Assist with Facebook posts

b. Instagram account

3. Marketing

a. Occasional door-to-door info drops/NO customer sales contact

b. Video marketing

There may be other assignments. Intern will meet with supervisor weekly for assignments. Flexible schedule. To apply contact Eileen Saunders, agent with Tommy Morgan Realtors at

Social Media Internship, Oxford Civic Chorus

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017 by jheo1

Oxford Civic Chorus would love to have an intern’s help with marketing and social media.

Main jobs:

1. Assist with improvement of our website

a. Add email capture page

b. Write copy to update bios of Board members and staff

c. Incorporate fundraising “donation” buttons on all pages

d. Update with current project data

2. Social Media management

a. Assist with Facebook posts

b. Instagram account

3. Fundraising

a. Assist with mail outs if necessary

b. Assist with grant research and the application process if necessary

4. Create enthusiasm

a. Help spread the word about Oxford Civic Chorus

b. Distribute posters at performance time

Supervisor will be Board President and any other staff/Board member as necessary. Meet with supervisor at least once weekly for assignments and review. Flexible schedule.

Our spring semester begins January 30 and the performance is May 1. Rehearsal is every Monday night.

Intern is not required to be a singer or attend all rehearsals but it would be helpful to drop by a few rehearsals for the learning experience and to assist the Chorus with marketing. Time 7pm at St. Peter Episcopal church on the corner of Jackson Ave and S. 9th Street.

Oxford Civic Chorus has a few Board meetings which the intern should be available to attend. These are usually on Monday nights before rehearsal; 5:30-ish. They are scheduled as needed. The first one tentative for January 30. To apply contact Kristin Rogers at

Sunflower County Freedom Project Summer 2017 Internships

Posted on: December 21st, 2016 by jheo1

Bring your talents home to Mississippi by interning with the Sunflower County Freedom Project! 

The SCFP seeks highly motivated, dynamic individuals with strong leadership, time management, and communication skills to serve as part of an intern team this summer.  Please email resume and cover letter with two references to (Subject Line:  “SCFP FS17 Internship”).

This Teacher/Adviser Internship Opportunity is open to all University of Mississippi students Sophomore level and above.  Three internships are funded by a joint effort between the Office of the Provost, Lott Leadership Institute and the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College.

Program Dates:  May 23rd-July 29th, 2017 

Application Time Line:  

Round 1:  Applications must be in 01/08/2017, notification of interview will be sent out by 01/26/2017.

Round 2:  Applications must be in 02/05/2017, notification of interview will be sent out by 02/24/2017.

Round 3:  Applications must be in 03/26/2017, notification of interview will be sent out by 04/14/2017.

Application Link:

See attached announcement for addition information.  You can also email for assistance.


Television & Digital Media Internships, WLTZ, Columbus, GA

Posted on: December 15th, 2016 by jheo1

Internship opportunities are immediately available with the NBC affiliate in Columbus, GA in the areas of News, Production, and Weather. Selected internship candidates will receive a structured, in-depth overview of our local broadcast and digital media operation. They will also be afforded the opportunity for practical hands-on application of theory and coursework in their specific concentration or area of interest. You will work alongside our team members, be given daily assignments, and receive critique on the practical learning projects which you execute.

To apply you should:

  • Be a student currently enrolled in a media-related and/or creative course of study including but not limited to media studies, journalism, photography, production, film, digital media, web design, graphic design, fine art, English, creative writing, etc. or meteorology.
  • Demonstrate intense curiosity and a passion to learn about media-related professions.
  • Have a basic level of knowledge in your area of interest and rudimentary experience with the tools utilized in that area.
  • Be highly organized and able to manage your time and daily workflow.
  • Have an awareness of daily news, current events, and topical issues.
  • Approval from your school and department to earn course credit for the Intern Experience.

Email your completed Internship Application, resume, and cover letter to Director of News and Local Content Gene Kirkconnell

WLTZ Internship Application

WLTZ Internship Contact Info

Various Internships, Starnes Publishing

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by jheo1

Starnes Publishing produces monthly community newspapers in the metro Birmingham area. Our publications include Iron
City Ink, 280 Living, The Homewood Star, Hoover Sun, Vestavia Voice, Village Living and Cahaba Sun. We are looking for interns with a variety of skills and a passion for hyperlocal community journalism. Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with our small staff in ways that impact the production process. Paid and unpaid positions for fall, spring and summer are available, as well as those for class credit. For more information about our publications, visit and find our papers on Facebook.

Interns will work with the editorial staff to craft news stories and features for our different coverage areas for both print and online. Interns will cover community events and pitch story ideas. Photography and videography skills are an added bonus.

Interns will assist with pagination throughout the production cycle. Interns will be able to design sections of the paper or special features, including infographics and illustrations. Experience with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop is required.

Interns will help maintain the websites for our publications. This will include transferring print stories to the web, updating the homepages and writing brief stories for the web. Interns will also help coordinate a schedule for our daily newsletters.

The deadlines to apply are NOV. 15 for a 2017 spring internship and MARCH 31 for a 2017 summer internship. Email the following items to
• A cover letter outlining your reasons for wanting the internship, your availability, your experience and qualifications and the area(s) in which you desire to work.
• Your current resume
• Three writing or design samples. Consider also sending examples of photography or videography work.

Mississippi Braves Internship

Posted on: November 16th, 2016 by jheo1

The Mississippi Braves are now accepting resumes for students looking to serve as a trainee during the 2017 season. If you don’t mind, could you pass along our trainee information to any students that might have interest in the sport industry? We’ll start interviews soon. Some start earlier than others—preference given to students who can start in January and work through the end of the season.


The flyer/posting is attached. The Braves trainee program is open to any qualified applicant who has at least a 3.0 GPA. Trainees are expected to work at least 37.5 hours per week and may have additional game day responsibilities. The individuals who participate in this program are paid an hourly rate of $8.


General Requirements for all trainee positions:

  • GPA of at least a 3.0 at graduation
  • Excellent written, verbal and communication skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point and Excel)
  • Customer service oriented
  • Excellent executive presence
  • Ability to work long hours, weekends and holidays


We place trainees in tickets, general sales, concessions, stadium operations and grounds. They can email a cover letter and resume to our general email, or they can contact me directly. I check the general account, so I’ll get the info either way. Preferably, we’d like to receive all applications by mid-November (sooner the better). However, the actual deadline is December 9.


If you have any questions, please let me know.







Miranda Black I Mississippi Braves

Director of Tickets & Communications

Double-A Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves

P: 601.664.7604   F: 601.936.3567



Mississippi Braves Internship Flyer

Job Posting Flyer

ASME Magazine Internship Deadlines

Posted on: November 16th, 2016 by jheo1

The deadline to apply for the ASME Magazine Internship Program 2017 is December 1, 2016. We ask you to share this information with your students. This information is also posted at Please note that students must submit all application materials on the website.

The Magazine Internship Program usually gives preference to students who have been recommended by academic departments and career-guidance offices over other applicants from the same school. Colleges and universities are encouraged to nominate no more than two students to apply to the Magazine Internship Program. A letter of recommendation should be included with the student’s application.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.





Nina Fortuna
American Society of Magazine Editors
757 Third Ave., 11th Fl
New York, NY 10017
T: 212.872.3737 | F: 212.906.0128

WMC-TV Internship Deadlines

Posted on: November 2nd, 2016 by drwenger
WMC Action News 5 is proud to offer a limited number of internships each semester.  Students will work closely with news professionals to gain a better understanding of the news process.  Students will learn the basics to news writing, researching and gain experience with production techniques.

Requirements: Candidates are required to submit a cover letter and resume. To qualify, candidates must receive academic credit from an accredited college or university. Mature and professional conduct is expected.

To apply for an internship in the news department: Send your resume and cover letter to or Samantha Armstrong/Executive Producer, WMC Action News 5, 1960 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38104.

To apply for an internship in the sales department: Send your resume and cover letter to, or Chris Palmer/Digital Sales Manager, WMC Action News 5, 1960 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38104.
Deadlines:  WMC Action News 5 offers spring internships, summer internships, and fall internships.
  • Spring Internships: December 5
  • Summer Internships: March 5
  • Fall Internships: August 1
Internships will be awarded to students based on skill, interest, experience and professional presentation. A committee of news managers will select the winning candidates.

It is Raycom Media’s policy to prohibit unlawful discrimination because of race, religion, color, citizenship, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, age, physical or mental disability or other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law.

Internship positions at WMC Action News 5 are non-paid and for scholastic credit only. The work hours are based on credit requirements.