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Still looking for a spring course? Check out this list.

Posted on: January 9th, 2023 by ldrucker
An outside shot of Farley Hall

An outside shot of Farley Hall

As you’re looking toward the Spring Semester and finalizing your courses, here are several electives that may interest you and still have space.

Content Creation Courses 

IMC 309 Section 2: Introduction to Video Storytelling. Prof. Will Day – This course provides basic instruction in video acquisition and editing. The course will focus on the use of video specifically for IMC purposes, including storytelling techniques, desired outcomes, theories, etc., that come into play when you are communicating a particular point of view.

IMC 376 Section 2: Commercial Photography. Prof. Tim Ivy – This class focuses on using the storytelling elements of photojournalism to create images that connect with specific audiences. Students will practice what it takes to create strong storytelling images that are both candid and contrived and create campaigns with those images. Students will use photo-editing software to produce images and campaign materials.

Additional reasons to consider – Each of these classes is a great way to pick up some additional content creation skills. Even if you aren’t creatively inclined and more interested in managing campaigns or analytics, spending a semester to learning how a medium is professionally created will help you better understand how to work with it successfully in the future.

Subject Area Overviews:

IMC 354: Nonprofit Marketing Communications. Prof. Evangeline Ivy – This course focuses on the communication vehicles and strategies used by nonprofit organizations to promote their missions and solicit contributions of money and time. It also examines the marketing techniques businesses use to support philanthropic causes.

Additional reasons to consider – Quite a few of you are interested in working for a nonprofit organization, and this is a great opportunity to learn more about them. Additionally, it counts toward the PR specialization.

IMC 361 Section 1: IMC Explorations – Topic: Narrative Networks & Digital Communication. Dr. Jason Cain – The current media environment has led to an unprecedented number of conversations being held in channels from traditional media to social and digital media being told by anyone with an internet connection. This course will be an experiential learning semester in the area of narrative intelligence and will introduce how information online becomes a narrative on a topic. Students will learn how to use cutting edge tools to engage with the information ecosystem, find the stories being made, the actors creating them, and how to use this information in developing strategies for organizations to engage and shape the narrative around key issues as they are unfolding. This course can be used as credit toward the social media specialization.

Additional reasons to consider – This course will also be an introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. You won’t be coding, but you will be interacting with platforms that use them. As these tools stand only to grow in importance, this course will present an opportunity to gain some initial experience in how they can be used to shape and monitor emerging narratives online.