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Enroll in May Intersession and Summer classes now at the University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media

Posted on: April 11th, 2021 by ldrucker

If you are looking for a class to take during the May Intersession or Summer, here is a list of journalism and integrated marketing communications (IMC) classes the School of Journalism and New Media will be offering.

From web design and drone piloting, to internet marketing and communications law, students have a variety of classes to choose from.

For information about how to register, click this link. Registration will end April 26.

Cinema 4D logo


IMC 349 web – 3D modeling (Cinema 4D) – Have you ever wanted to learn how to create 3D models? Professor Darren Sanefski will teach you how in Cinema 4D. Students enrolled in this online class will learn about texturing, lighting and the fundamentals of operating a camera in a 3D environment. Sanefski said he’ll teach students how to create different types of models with a variety of materials. He’ll cover the ways you can light your model, animate it and capture motion in a video. There are no prerequisites for this course

A girl signaling for others to be quiet surrounded by media.

JOUR 101 – Media, News & Audience – Web 1This online course is designed to make students think more deeply about media and marketing, and their role in our lives. And it may help you decide what path to take in our media world. It is also a prerequisite for other journalism and IMC courses, so May is a good time to take it. Professor LaReeca Rucker teaches this class that offers an introduction to the various facets of communication, from the world of news media to the persuasive realms of marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. This course will also strengthen your knowledge of the media and communications industries, their history and current practices, their content, and their effects on us as individuals and society.

A cartoon person applying for a job at a table.

JOUR 353 – Professional Development Seminar – If you are looking for a class that will help you prepare for a career in the communications industry, Professor Iveta Imre, Ph.D., will teach this in-person seminar/workshop class. Some topics covered will be how to network with potential employers and develop mentorship relationships, how to interview for a job, and how to learn about financial planning and salary negotiations. Others include job search strategies and the role of social media; resume and cover letter writing; and web portfolio development. By the end of the two-week class, students will have a professional looking web portfolio. They will have developed relationships with mentors and contacts from the profession they aspire to work in, and they will have learned strategies and skills for a successful job search and interview. Students will also hear from a variety of guest speakers from the communication professions and human resource specialist. 

A drone

JOUR 367 – Drone Storytelling – Want to learn how to fly a drone? Professor Michael Fagans will teach this in-person course that examines how drones can be used in a safe and responsible way to craft messages for various audiences. News stories and content, as well as marketing messages, can benefit from aerial perspectives that drone-mounted cameras provide. Learn how to utilize drones for storytelling. Successful students will take and pass the FAA Drone Pilot’s test.

A gavel and weights that symbolize law.

JOUR 371 – Communications Law – You may be studying communications, but do you really understand Constitutional and First Amendment law? Professor Charlie Mitchell will teach this course that he describes as: “A thrill-a-minute deep dive into the wonderful and mystical nuances of mass communication’s legal landscape.” The in-person class will discuss the legal rights and responsibilities of journalists and other media practitioners. Attention will be given to Constitutional law and relevant First Amendment cases; FCC and private industry regulation of the Internet; evolving philosophies of intellectual property; and libel and privacy issues.

A robot and a coding language


IMC 524 web – Designing interactivity (web design) – If you’re interested in learning how to create your own website, professor Darren Sanefski will teach this class that offers an introduction to experience design. Students will learn HTML5 structure and the Document Object Model, basic JQuery, basic web architecture, and the theories that underlie effective experience design. Learn what it takes to have a successful web experience. Learn core design concepts and their applications in interactive design. Learn the skills necessary to bring your ideas to life, the nuts and bolts of web design, including basic understanding of HTML, CSS and jQuery. Learn how to guide users to connect with information in a useful and intuitive way. This class has a prerequisite: Art 361 or Jour 273 or IMC 521 or permission of the instructor.

Iphone apps illustration


IMC 306 – Internet Marketing Communication – Those who want to learn more about internet marketing can enroll in professor Claire Hick’s class that will offer a detailed survey of marketing communications online applications, e.g., the website as a basic marketing platform, search engine optimization, digital promotions, email and social media marketing. Internet Marketing Communication explores an overview of successful case studies of companies and allows students to discuss the in-depth ways, reasons and strategies to use the trends in a career.

An image of a tree with different parts of business planning


IMC 304  – Account Planning – In IMC 304 Account Planning, you are invited to see the world and advertising communications differently.  This course taught by professor Chris Sparks is designed to expose you to integrated thinking in the planning and delivery of communication. It will be taught within the framework of planning roles within creative and media agencies. Anyone who will work in an agency, with an agency or in a marketing role will find their career enriched by understanding the way of thinking in account planning.

This is a course based on the practice of creating insights for communication strategy. Planners are strategists that understand branding, positioning, research, analytics, insights, and measurements necessary to create and deliver relevant, impactful communication campaigns that connect to their target audience.

In this class, you will learn to gather information to inform a creative strategy for a brand. You will learn about agencies, roles and responsibilities of planners, gathering consumer insight, creating a communication strategy and collaborating with the creative team to inspire great campaigns.

This class places a high value on approaching problems from unexpected perspectives (creative thinking), putting yourself in other people’s shoes (empathy), distilling data to develop a strategy (critical thinking), and telling a compelling story (persuasive communication). 

After Effects logo


IMC 473 web – Motion Graphics (After Effects) – Get moving with this class on Motion Graphics. Professor Darren Sanefski will teach students how to plan and produce visually driven multimedia content for internet, video and/or broadcast. There will be an emphasis on the creative use of image, type, video, audio and multi-sensory driven content. Learn animation principles and techniques. Learn how to integrate work from various disciplines. Learn strong working knowledge of After Effects. Learn how to apply motion graphics into an augmented reality. There is a pre-requisite for this course: Jour 273 OR Art 361 or the permission of the instructor.

An ipad showing data analytics and papers


IMC 571 – Internet and Mobile Media – This online course taught by professor Jason Cain is designed to help students craft strategy involving digital and mobile media and to give you hands-on experience in analytics. Students will spend time learning about how the internet and mobile media developed, their impact on popular culture, how they have changed mass communication, and the role these media play in the world of integrated marketing communications.


A couple standing in front of a broken heart


JOUR 580 – Topics in Journalism II – “The Heartbreak Henry”Theatre Oxford Production – Join this publicity-related class led by Dr. Kathleen Wickham. Want to be a part of the summer creative team producing publicity for the Theatre Oxford’s August production of “The Heartbreak Henry”? Are you a fan of “Saturday Night Live” or the “Coming to America” movies? Here is your chance to work for David Sheffield, former lead comedy writer for “Saturday Night Live” and chief scriptwriter for both “Coming to America” movies. Sheffield wrote, and will direct, “The Heartbreak Henry” during its August debut in Oxford. It is based on Sheffield’s experiences managing the hotel while a student at Ole Miss. The building now houses Rafter’s. You will be writing articles, designing and producing the program among other publicity-related tasks. Looking for writers, photographers, designers and social media gurus. You will assist Theater Oxford’s publicity/marketing team. It is listed as hybrid, so students don’t have to be in Oxford all summer.

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