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Welcome! It’s going to be a great year

Posted on: August 14th, 2020 by drwenger

Dear Students,

So, how does it feel to be modern-day pioneers? Here you are going back to school or just beginning your college career at a time of unprecedented change. Seems to me that you had two choices – you could embrace the new and the strange as a chance to grow and learn – or you could hunker down in your childhood bedroom and wait for things to return to normal. I’m so glad that you chose to be here with us.

Now, here’s my challenge – are you ready? Here goes: Let’s try to make this the best semester ever.

Seriously, instead of focusing on what we’re not going to do this fall, let’s think about what you can do this year that has never been possible before.

  1. Take a good look at our expanded list of specializations, including our brand new Fashion Promotion & Media option. Check out the list and reach out to your advisor to learn how they all work.
  2. This may sound like crazy talk to our freshmen but it’s not too early to start thinking about leaving the School of Journalism & New Media with a graduate degree. We now have a 4+1 program that allows you to get an undergraduate and a graduate journalism degree in just 5 years.

  1. Join in on our School Zoom. We’ve never invited the entire school to a meeting before, but with Zoom, it’s possible. Be on the lookout for an invitation once the semester gets underway.

And those new opportunities are layered on top of many great options for involvement that have been available to our students for years.

  1. Work for our Student Media Center or Writers, video storytellers, social media experts, designers, reporters, photographers and those interested in marketing and sales can all find a home in one of these two great learning labs.
  2. Consider becoming a School of Journalism & New Media Ambassador. These students put out the welcome mat for us, meet with high-profile visitors and help us keep our school focused on what matters most – YOU!
  3. Join organizations like the Ole Miss American Marketing Association, the Society of News Design, the University of Mississippi Association of Black Journalists or the Public Relations Association of Mississippi to do more of what you love beyond the classroom.

Contact information for the people who can help you get involved with all of these things is posted on our website. And be sure to check out our school’s internship and jobs website — – students can sign up and get notifications when new opportunities are posted.

Someone once said: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

You’re here because you are intelligent and as such, you have everything you need to adapt to a changing college environment. We’re here to help you, to teach you and to learn from you – but you’ve got this.

It’s going to be the best semester ever.

Deb Wenger, Ph.D.
Interim Dean/Professor
School of Journalism & New Media