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Former Executive Producer of CBS Sports teaches documentary film festival workshop

Posted on: September 23rd, 2019 by ldrucker

A 13-time national Emmy Award-winning sports television producer and television executive will return to the University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media this month to lead a 48-Hour Documentary Film Festival workshop.

Terry Ewert, former executive producer of CBS Sports, has won Emmys for writing and documentary filmmaking. He was also the head of production for the coverage of three Olympic games at NBC Sports and the Atlanta Olympic Committee.

“The 48-Hour Documentary Film Festival workshop will begin with a three-hour classroom to go over the rules, techniques and expected outcomes from the student films,” he said. “We want the students to tell us a true story with their projects. Normally, the first hours will be pre-production (planning and writing); the second full day will be production; and the final hours will be post-production (editing).”

This is a picture of Terry Ewert.

Terry Ewert

Ewert, who has been an adjunct instructor of Sports Television Production and Sports TV Reporting several times for the school, said he pitched the workshop to deans.

Debora Wenger, Ph.D., assistant dean for Innovation & External Partnerships, said the school and faculty is proud to welcome Ewert back. “Last year, he launched our first-ever 48-hour documentary competition, and this year, we’re looking forward to even better results,” she said. “He and one of the school’s faculty, Mike Fagans, will be helping students turn out award-winning documentary work in a 48-hour, fast-paced contest. It’s going to be fun!”

Wenger said those interested in participating and possibly winning a $100 gift card should join Ewert in Overby 206 (boardroom) and Prof. Mike Fagans on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 3:30 p.m.

Organizers are looking for multiple teams of two to three people to produce mini-documentaries within 48-hours. The videos will premiere in the Overby Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12. Even if you don’t create your own masterpiece, you are invited to view student work.

Participants will receive all the rules at the pre-production meeting on Oct. 10 at 3:30 p.m. in Overby 206. First place team members (up to three) receive $100 Visa gift cards each; second-place team members (up to three) receive $50 gift cards each. Last year’s winner also took home a first-place award in the student documentary category from the Associated Press of Mississippi and Louisiana.

Ewert said he hopes past student filmmakers will understand a little more about the world of professional documentary filmmaking and how to tell a true story using the tools they were given while improving their video, audio, lighting, interviewing and editing skills.

“I think telling a true story visually is important in this day and age,” he said. “I feel that understanding how to reach a viewer, a reader, a consumer, a voter with an important fact, editorial, news story is at the heart of all journalism. Our world has become a world of cell phones, streaming, and visual arts. Knowing the skills of video and how to tell a factual story by interviewing, editing, shooting, etc. are important skills to learn.”

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