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Interested in journalism or IMC and law? Sign up for the Accelerated Law Program

Posted on: July 11th, 2019 by ldrucker

If you are student who is interested in journalism or IMC and law, the University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media has a new program that will allow you to study both simultaneously.

The Accelerated Law Program offers a unique path to study at the University of Mississippi School of Law. The School of Journalism and New Media is just one of the schools or majors at UM that offers this pathway to law school.

Here’s how it works.

·         Students must complete general education coursework and all required courses for both their major and minor.

·         During the “junior” year, students apply to UM Law.

·         If accepted, they enroll in law school during their “senior” year.

·         The hours completed as a first-year law student are “transferred” back to fulfill the advanced electives for the undergraduate program of study so that the degree could be finalized.

·         Journalism or IMC students should contact the dean’s office to notify them of their intent to “participate.”

Jennifer Simmons, assistant dean for student services, said because many students enroll with dual credit and/or advanced placement coursework, the required classes vary each semester.

“However, on average, students must complete 18 hours of degree-applicable coursework each semester,” she said.

A willingness to enroll in and complete coursework during the summer term and intersessions could reduce the 18-hour average per semester, Simmons said.

Jack Hall is one of the first School of Journalism and New Media students to participate in the Accelerated Law Program. We asked him a few questions about his decision to get involved.

 Q.    How did you hear about the program, and what made you decide to become part of it?

A.    I first heard about the 3+3 accelerated juris doctor program through the journalism school. I decided to apply to be part of the program so that I could use law classes to cover elective credits in order to save some time towards graduation.

 Q.    Tell me a little about your interest in journalism and law? 

A.    I’ve always had a strong interest in public service, and I believe both a formal education in both journalism and law combined could allow for a strong career in service to my community.

Q.    What has the program been like so far? I know you have taken some journalism classes, but have you taken any law classes? If so, which ones have you taken, and what has the experience been like?

A.    I begin taking a full-time course load of law classes this August. So far, I have applied and gained admission to the University of Mississippi School of Law. Orientation begins Aug. 21.

Q.    What advice do you have for other students who may want to pursue this program/route?

A.    If you’re interested in pursuing this same program, be prepared to work hard and take advantage of the excellent resources provided by the School of Journalism and New Media. I don’t believe this would have been possible for me without the work of the faculty and staff of the School of Journalism and New Media.

For more information about the Accelerated Law Program, email

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