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It Starts with (Me)ek

Posted on: April 10th, 2017 by jheo1

Thirty-one Meek School PR students, under the direction of Senior Lecturer Robin Street,  have been working hard to plan “It Starts with (Me)ek”, five days of events rejecting stereotypes and celebrating diversity and inclusion April 19-25. Student team members are listed below

Pictured here are:

Front row: Riley, Pickett, Childress, Street, Abney, Beatty, Fogarty

Second row: Bowker, Arnold, Nichols, Hicks, Fazio, Walker
Third row: Kalu, Heredia, Wallace, Mayo, Locke, Heck

Fourth row: Lewis, D., Lewis, T., Fox, Sims, Trigg, Anderson

Fifth row: McEwen, Miller, Vanderford, Rainey, Pittman, Jackson, Baird

Photo credit: Stan O’Dell 

Official Program

Download (PDF, 2.26MB)

It Starts with (Me)ek Committee Members

Listed alphabetically, with sub-group members and chairs

Bianca Abney, events

Rachel Anderson, events co-chair

Emma Arnold, communications co-chair

Grace Baird, communications co-chair

Kayla Beatty, video co-chair

Colbie Bowker, social and online media

Kaitlin Childress, competitions

Allison Fazio, festival co-chair

Faith Fogarty, costume chair

Scarlett Fox, hospitality co-chair

Reade Heredia, survey director

Hailey Heck, festival co-chair

Alex Hicks, social and online media co-chair

Gabrielle Jackson, competitions

Chi Kalu, special consultant

Dylan Lewis, hospitality co-chair

Taylor Lewis, social and online media

Kailen Locke, social and online media

Callie Mayo, competitions coordinator

Zacchaeus McEwen, competitions co-chair

Grace Miller, throwback photo coordinator

Bess Nichols, competitions co-chair

Hannah Pickett, social and online media co-chair

Kendrick Pittman, video

Billy Rainey, events co-chair

Chloe Riley, program materials coordinator

Kelsey Sims, events

Robin Street, campaign chair

Christina Triggs, events co-chair

Rachel Vanderford, social and online media

Kalah Walker, video co-chair

Brittanee Wallace, fashion show chair