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School of Journalism and New Media
University of Mississippi

Digital Campaigner, Environment America, Denver, Colorado

Posted on: June 3rd, 2016 by jasimmon

Environment America is seeking to  hire entry-level staff looking to kick start their career in environmental action and advocacy through our fellowship program and for people to help run our digital campaigns.


Work with one of our campaign teams to run a powerful digital campaign to help solve global warming, expand solar energy or protect clean water. You’ll write emails and campaign actions that you’ll send to hundreds of thousands of supporters; design and curate content for social media, and engage with our national community; coordinate with our field team of five to nine campaign organizers, and back them up with emails, web pages and digital strategy; develop partnerships and creative online tactics to build our audience and raise money; analyze the results of your work, and report on successes and failures; and keep your projects on track, hold people accountable to their deliverables, and communicate regularly with your team.


Ross Sherman

Clean Energy Digital Campaigner, Environment America

O: 303-573-5995 x338; C: 207-749-2660

Twitter: @rossbsherman