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5 Questions with Assistant Professor Evangeline Robinson

Posted on: November 3rd, 2014 by mpolito
Photo by Marlen Polito

Photo by Marlen Polito

Assistant Professor Evangeline Robinson is a native from Rolling Fork, Mississippi and teaches Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the Meek School. You can read more of her work experience, but here are 5 reasons to get to know Robinson.

What class do you most like to teach and why?

I most like to teach IMC 204, because it’s the introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication. I really enjoy being able to help students understand the basics before they get into the other classes. For me, it’s an opportunity to share my knowledge and to help them get to the part where they are ready to move on and pursue their interest in the field.

Describe your favorite type of student?

My favorite type of student is one that is really engaged with what we are talking about and who participates actively in our discussions.

What are you working on outside the classroom that you really enjoy doing?

I’m actually in the Ph.D. program in history; I’m really enjoying having the opportunity to further my interest in that area. It is giving me the opportunity to not only advance myself in my academic pursuits, but really to open up some other areas in history that I had an interest in and am now able to pursue. Hopefully that will make me stronger as I work with my students in IMC. As I’m learning, it’s giving me new ways to teach them, which is a really good benefit of being a student as well. 

Describe what type of student you were.

I’ve always been a very studious student; my grades were always important to me. I think that certainly throughout my various degrees it’s been important that I do the things that I need to and accomplish all the things that I need to.

Of all the thing you’ve done in your career, what makes you most proud?

I am most thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to impact the lives of others in some way.  From the work with nonprofits I’ve done that has helped make scholarships available or has helped grant the wishes of children with a life-threatening illness to now being able to help my students reach their career goals, I’m thankful for being able to do those things.