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James Meredith Visit Motivates Student Photojournalist

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by

Author James Meredith speaks about his book, “Mission from God” at Off Square Books in Oxford, August 30, 2012. Photo by Lauren McMillin.

James Meredith, who 50 years ago this fall became the first black student admitted to the University of Mississippi, speaks to packed house at Off Square Books.

Student photographer Lauren McMillin was there to capture images of Meredith, who signed copies his book, “A Mission from God: A Memoir and Challenge for America.”

McMillin is a student in Dr. Mark K. Dolan’s photojournalism class. He accompanied on the shoot, reinforcing in the field concepts learned in the classroom.

“It’s exciting when I have the opportunity to coach my students like this,” said Dolan, whose class will be chronicling with their cameras the university’s many events this fall to commemorate Meredith.

“Lauren had to work shoulder to shoulder with professionals who had the edge in terms of equipment and experience, but she more than held her own and got some great shots of Meredith, an internationally known figure. And to think these are her first published photos.”