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Best Journalism Career? Community Newspapers

Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by
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    Prince: There is not a more rewarding profession, outside of the ministry or medicine, than publishing a small town newspaper #OverbyPanel
  3. The publishers echoed the sentiments of some industry analysts who maintain that the largest newspapers in America and the smallest will remain in business well into the future.
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    The economy is coming back at some point, and when it does the newspapers will come back with it #overbypanel
  5. Students were encouraged to take courses related to business and psychology, but also to focus on getting newsroom experience.
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    You need to be able to write…if you don’t work for the Daily Mississippian…when you walk out of here…go apply.#overbypanel
  7. Most of all, the students were told that community journalism matters.
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    We [newspapers] need people to stay in Mississippi, confident people who can help preserve democracy and be self governed #overbypanel
  9. A recent survey shows 60% of community paper subscribers rely on community newspapers as their primary source for local news.  After the event, students took away that community appears are here to stay.

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    #overbypanel Video reaction from the event: via @youtube