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School of Journalism and New Media

The University of Mississippi

Updated 6/22/11: Alumni celebrate 100 years of The Daily Mississippian

Posted on: June 20th, 2011 by

On the weekend of June 17-18, over 200 Ole Miss alumni gathered at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of The Daily Mississippian (formerly called The Mississippian). Below are some pictures from the event.

Lunch at Mississippian Reunion

Tom Wicker, Kathy Dunagin Clement, and Mike Austin at lunch in front of Farley

Lilly and Rose Flenorl with Jim and Cynthia Abbott

Ken Rector, Lee Ragland, Tom Wicker and Mike Austin

Elise and William Winter with Chancellor Emeritus Robert Khayat

Brenda Lee, Jim Prince and Joe Lee 

Kathy Dunagin Clement and Tom and Semmie Wicker

Michael Tapscott, Jana and Lee Ragland and Michael and Cyrena Austin

Otis Tims, Charles Overby and Rose Flenorl 

Tricia Walker and Robert Khayat, Chancellor Emeritus

Connie Green Freightman and Kitty Dumas with Will Norton

Kitty Dumas, Mary Lynn Kotz and Rose Jackson Flenorl

Mary Lynn Kotz and Julian Gilian, coordinator of the reunion

Mary Lynn Kotz and Kitty Dumas

Bill Rose and Jim Prince in the foreground. Between them in the background is Larry Franck

Charles Overby and Charlie Dunagin with Kathy Dunagin Clement

Charles Overby, Chancellor Dan Jones and Charlie Dunagin

Charlie Dunagin, Will Norton and Ed Meek

David Darnell talks with Jere Hoar while Ken Oilschlager looks at photographer

Ed Meek, Lee Ragland, Jana Ragland and Lisa Denley

Elise and Governor William Winter talk with Chris Hall, President of American University-Kosovo

Governor William Winter and Chris Hall

Governor William Winter and Janice Guyton

Jim Autry, Sally Pederson and Ed Meek

Kate Magandy Holzhauser, Lee Eric Smith and Ron Agnew

Kenoilschlager, Berkeley Hudson, Larry Weedon

Mary Lynn Kotz, Will Norton and Kitty Dumas

Rose Jackson Flenorl and Lee Eric Smith

Scott Kent; John Festervand, account executive at the University of Mississippi Foundation; and Jim Autry

Sidna Brower Mitchell and Rose Jackson Flenorl

Will Norton, Kitty Dumas, Mary Lynn Kotz and Ed Meek