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Interested In A Graduate Degree In Journalism and New Media?

Posted on: October 27th, 2010 by

The graduate program in journalism is an “academic” rather than a “professional” program. That said: it is not skills based, rather it is research-based. However, by next Fall that might change. We are developing a professional skills sequence that will include advanced writing courses and multiple platform options. We are also developing a program in integrated marketing communications, which includes public relations and advertising as well as new media. The planning for these programs has just begun. Various university approvals are needed to make it a reality. However, by April 1, the deadline for Fall admissions we will have a clear idea about the status of these two programs.

The current M.A. in journalism is a 30-hour program. In addition to graduate-level journalism courses, students take a “concentration” of six hours in a graduate discipline outside the department.

We offer about five assistantships, depending on funding.  The assistantship carries a tuition waiver (but does not cover the activity fee) and a stipend of $2200 for each semester. Assistantships typically go to those with the highest GPA/GRE scores. You are expected to work 10 hours a week if awarded an assistantship.

Students may complete the degree as either a thesis or thesis-project option. A thesis project must be a professional work in an appropriate medium equal in scope to a formal thesis, i.e., based on a formal proposal encompassing problem analysis, literature review, method statement and bibliography. Both the thesis and the project require approval of a written prospectus and an oral examination.

Applicants are expected to have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Most applicants score a minimum of 900 on the GRE. We do not accept the GMAT. These scores should be sent directly to the Graduate School.

A statement of interest is required as are three letters of recommendation. We recommend these letters should be obtained from professors or media-related job supervisors. The statements and letters should be sent directly to me, not to the Graduate School. The Grad School has instituted an online submission process for these materials.  You are free to use this system.

We cannot accept email attachments. For more information, please go to the Graduate School web page and download the online brochure. The link is:

The official deadline for Spring 2011 admission  was  Oct. 1. However, we will continue to review applications until Dec. 1. The official deadline for Fall admission is April 1. We will review applications until July 1. Note: assistantships are usually awarded to those who meet the April 1 deadline.

For more information, contact
Dr. Kathleen Wickham Graduate Coordinator