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Meek School of Journalism and New Media Welcomes Board of Directors

Posted on: October 11th, 2010 by alysia

Twelve outstanding graduates of the Meek School of Journalism serve as the alumni Board of Directors for the school.

Their  careers exemplify the many possibilities available to our graduates in the fields of broadcasting, newspapers, public relations and other journalism-related jobs.

Meet these alumni in the following profiles.

Thanks go to student Stuart Johnson and Lecturer Robin Street for preparing
the articles. As a student in Street¹s Public Relations Techniques class,
Johnson served as a public relations intern with the Meek School.

Another public relations student, Macey Baird, contributed the profile of
Charles Overby.  Thanks go also to UM journalism graduate Toni Lepeska, a
former Commercial Appeal reporter, now a freelance writer, who contributed
the article on Otis Sanford.


Marcus Foster
Evangeline Robinson
Elizabeth Shiver-Harris
Lee Ragland
Dennis Moore
Sellers Shy
Becky West
Otis Sanford
Kevin Seddon
Ronnie Agnew
Rose Flenorl
Charles Overby