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Charles Overby speaks to press convention

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That leads me to the fourth and final C: Campaign.

The daily battle to get readers to buy your newspaper is no less daunting than a major political campaign.

You are asking the reader to vote for your newspaper every day. You’re not necessarily asking the reader to like your newspaper every day, although a little bit of that wouldn’t hurt. You are asking the reader to recognize and appreciate the value of your newspaper every day.

You cannot expect the readers to reach those conclusions on their own. You need to campaign aggressively for the support of your readers. You need to point out the ways your newspaper brings value. You need testimonials from members of your community.

You need an ongoing strategy to win the hearts and pocketbooks of your readers.

Newspapers enjoyed monopolies for so long that they forgot how to compete.

Newspapers are essential to our democracy. They are essential to the progress of your communities.

The survival of a free press as we know it depends on the public paying for it.

Do not be seduced by free new media.  The last decade proves how unreliable this model is.

As we start a new decade, the time has come for newspaper publishers to regain their confidence.

Newspapers will continue to be the core of a news and information business that has many opportunities and great potential for years to come.

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